The Isle of Harris lies off the far north-western coast of Scotland, separated from a distant mainland by the rough seas of the Minch.

It is an ancient and elemental place, exposed to Atlantic wind and waves, an island of high mountains and bright machair, of golden sands and rugged shores.

In a modern world, tradition holds fast here through a Gaelic culture of language and song.

Dark peats are still cut for fuel, small crofts are worked by experienced hands, and raw wool is transformed into Harris Tweed by skilled weavers.

Among this rich heritage the new Isle of Harris Distillery is laying down deep roots, with five local distillers trained from scratch for the task of creating true island spirits.

The future of our community drives what we do as we distill world-class spirits which are worthy of bearing our island's name.

We want to share our deep pride in the work being done here in the Isle of Harris.

There is a fire burning in our hearth and we promise all who join us the warmest of Outer Hebridean welcomes.

"Uisge làtha 'n diugh, uisge beatha làtha màireach"

Isle of Harris Distillery photograph © Ian Little of Little Adventure Photography.
All other images © Laurence Winram 2017  www.lwinram.com